While the market has already entered the pumping season, a few alts — the ones that don’t usually replicate Bitcoin’s price movements, stand at a disadvantageous situation.

UNI, ATOM and LUNA — three different alts from distinct sub-sections of the crypto space, share a fragile relationship with the king coin…

Solana gained many new users this summer thanks to its fast transactions and low fees. Needless to say, different prominent analysts have expressed their bullish narratives concerning the #7th largest token.

A popular cryptocurrency analyst and trader with around 175K followers on Twitter expressed his narrative about the flagship token.

On 13 October, as Polkadot founders Gavin Wood and Robert Habermeier announced Polkadot’s highly-anticipated parachain auctions, the market’s expectations from the 8th-ranked coin soared. In tandem with the market’s rising expectations, DOT recorded a 15% rally in less than three days.

This, however, according to many in the space, is…

Crypto is an ‘enabler,’ but can Visa emerge as a ‘bridge’

Visa’s foray into crypto grabbed the public’s attention after it purchased a CryptoPunk NFT for $150,000. However, this wasn’t exactly Visa’s first encounter with the world of crypto. In fact, the payment giant now has ambitious plans ranging across the ecosystem.

During an episode of the Unchained podcast, Visa’s head…

President of Russia says crypto ‘may exist as means of payment

In an interview at the Russian Energy Week International Forum 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed uncertainty about the various use cases of cryptocurrency, other than for payments. He said,

“(It’s) too early to talk about the trade of anything in sources of crypto.”

However, he said that it may…

The how and why of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP sharing a common bullish narrative

The collective cryptocurrency market is at a critical junction. With major altcoins stagnating on the charts, Bitcoin could have reached a local top for the time being as well. However, the total market cap value was at an interesting stage.

Buterin specifies the big difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin

Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, has long been a proponent of the cryptocurrency community, and in a recent podcast interview, the 27-year old expressed his views on not only his own network but top cryptocurrency Bitcoin and the communities of both the blockchains.

Buterin, who referred to himself as a tech…

Bitcoin: Quantifying the chances of a run to $100K based on S2F

Bitcoin has been looking rather bullish in the fourth quarter. Ergo, the big question on everyone’s mind is — What will the top crypto’s price be when the year ends?

Unfortunately, while there are no universally accepted assessments, Bitcoin’s Stock to Flow (S2F) model has emerged as a leading quantitative…

Binance Smart Chain joins Ethereum-Solana ‘bridge party’ on Wormhole

Cross-chain bridges have the potential not only to bring multiple blockchains to users, but also to revolutionize NFT markets and DeFi as a whole.

The ETH<>SOL token bridge supported by Wormhole is one example, of how popular chains are now interacting with each other. …

This historic trend could take XRP past $1.5, provided…

For the most part of this month, XRP has been trading above $1, and as the alt valued $1.17 after weekly gains close to 13%, its daily fall of 2.5% at the time of writing, was almost worrying.

Now, while XRP’s growth seemed decent, the sixth-ranked alt’s long-term price trajectory…


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